Software and application development

Rapid development of specialized software tailored to customer needs

Each business has specifics that need to be considered when creating software support.

Software used in business can be crucial in achieving organizational efficiency. Therefore, companies need a partner with the necessary technical knowledge for software development and project management and a partner skilled to carry out the project with a competitive cost structure. Each business has specifics that need to be considered when creating software support.

S&T development services according to strategic platforms and areas:

Programming languages
C#, Java, PL SQL, T-SQL, PHP
A development environments
.NET Framework/Core, Xamarin, Spring Boot, Springframework, Hibernate
Web technologies
ASP.NET, Core, MVC, SPA, Angular, Thymeleaf, Bootstrap, Servlets, HTML, JavaScript, VUE.JS
Web and application servers
Microsoft IIS, IBM WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, Oracle Weblogic, Kestrel
Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Redis, Oracle Exadata
Gradle, GIT, Jenkins, Artifactory
Big Data
Apache Kafka, Elastic Stack, Kibana
IBM FileNet, OpenText Documentum, Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle ODI, IBM DataStage, SAP PowerDesigner, TFS ALM, Azure DevOps i Cloud Services

Our solutions

Business applications development and production of special-purpose software

S&T has many numbers of proven tools for designing various modular IT solutions. We provide software and application development services based on the most common commercial platforms and open-sourcetechnologies. Each business environment requires a specific approach to software support. Effective integration of our practical skills and experience from different industries enable us to quickly develop specific software and applications tailored to the needs of each customer. Dedicated and custom applications are not as expensive as you think and can bring you significant advantages over turnkey solutions, especially in business process management and digital transformation.

Fraud management system (FMS)

It reveals fraudulent behavior in a telecommunication network.

Dunning management system

Central management of dunning actions for bad payers – based on data from billing (invoices, payments, customer groups, payment behavior, tariffs, SOCs, etc.) and predefined rules. The system initiates various actions against customers who did not pay their bills on time (SMS alerts, warning letters, bans, suspensions, deactivation, collection of documents for prosecution).

Message gateway

Message gateway[Pristupnik za poruke]between the provider and the telecom infrastructure (SMS, MMS, billing).

Local number portability gateway

The Number [Brojevni prijenosnik] (NPGW, LSMS) orchestrates the number portability process for a telecommunications service provider by integrating their internal operations with the national number portability regulator.

Central number portability database (CDB)

The Number Portability Reference Database (CDB) serves all operators in the country as the only valid source of information on number portability. The CDB is an integrated database to which all public telecommunications network operators are connected and through which all transmission requests are synchronized > – more


S&T CMS is a Web Content Management solution specialized in the management of news portals and corporate portals. S&T CMS users can independently manage the content and appearance of their portal down to the smallest detail using a customized and functional user interface and an advanced WYSIWYG editor.

S&T Catalog

Web-based solution for dynamic creation and maintenance of product catalogs, independent of the supplier. Customized and optimized for business environments and large applications and could be integrated with other platforms based on web services.

S&T eCommerce

Advanced eCommerce system based on S&T CMS and Product Catalog – to support online stores, with total control of the offer via S&T Product Catalog, visual appearance via S&T CMS, and advanced integration with background systems and online payment systems.

S&T Elastic Stack

Opsežno znanje o pretraživaču i analitici – Elasticsearch. Implementiran Extensive knowledge of search engine and analytics – Elasticsearch. A custom tool for indexing huge amounts of documents. Also, it has a custom web page search engine that replaces Google’s Search. There is also Kibana for advanced log analysis and usage and reporting.

Sales & Marketing CRM

Implementation of specific business processes. Potential customer care and sales opportunity management, account management, marketing automation. Integration with Microsoft Office is enabled.


Advanced system for defining business processes and related documents integrated with the S&T Product Catalog. Enables a completely flexible definition of processes and document structure.

S&T Timereporting

S&T SaaS Product

Time tracking and reporting tool. Easy to use, configurable and powerful. Low price – pay peruse. Optimized for teams – integration with MS Teams enabled. The native solution in Microsoft Azure cloud.

Document Management & Information Management

Enterprise Document Management (Enterprise Content Management)

Efficient document management and intelligent information management are challenges faced by every organization.
Archiving, fast delivery, and fast exchangeof information, digitalization of the processes, incoming mail, invoices, multi-level approval procedures, drafting complex contracts, are only some of the day-to-day tasks required by a document management system or enterprise content management system.

For efficient and more professional document and business content management, S&T offers high-performance solutions, such as IBM Filenet and OpenText Documentum.


Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

We collect, analyze and document business requirements and translate them into functional requirements. We process a large amount of datathat arrives in the database from different sources and convert them intoinformation and insights. We design and implement ETL processes according to the user requirements. In preparation for data warehouse implementation, we model data via industry-specific models (ADRM models) or according to the client’s needs.

Solution range
  • ETL systems that rely on different databases
  • Design and redesign of the DWH system
  • Implementation of DWH system
  • Preparation of reports
  • Automation of ETL systems and reports.
Benefits for the user
  • Data integration from external and internal systems facilitates access to information and easier decision-making.
  • Veća kvaliteta, konzistentnost, čistoća podataka omogućuje izradu modela za predviđanje tržišta, određivanje KPI-jeva, planiranje rezultata itd., na temelju povijesnih podataka koji ne bi bili dostupni bez DWH.
  • System automation – minimizes the need for human intervention and maximizes the speed and control of execution of related processes.

Why choose S&T?


consultants, architects, developers and testers well versed in advanced web technologies and mobile application development.


with commercial technologies (e.g. Microsoft) as well as open source technologies like Elastic stack.


in an enterprise environment with a large number of users, scalable and interoperable solutions, high performance for CRM, CMS, DMS, and eCommerce needs.


The basis of our projects are our own products S&T CMS, eCommerce, DMS, Catalog and others, which incorporate our many years of experience in projects of various complexities.


Our services include business analysis, solution development, integration with business systems, customer experience consulting, development process support, and quality assurance.

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