Network & Security Solutions

Secure, reliable and efficient networks


Network & Security Solutions

Nowadays, a network that operates quickly and reliably on a 24-hour basis, is a key element in meeting business needs

IT security and networks

Well-designed network infrastructure and state-of-the-art security solutions are the foundation of a quality corporate IT system. We implement professional solutions from global manufacturers and IT infrastructure according to all user requirements. Our well-educated and certified experts will be happy to advise you. The range of services extends from network and security system planning to the application of the most complex network implementations.

Our solutions

Information and data security

In today’s world and business, data is considered the “oil” of the digital age. Collection, processing, and analysis of data provide a competitive advantage, better adaptation to new market conditions, and faster profitability. Simply put, data protection is crucialto the business. Zlonamjerni pojedinci i skupine („Cyber Criminal”) na svakodnevnoj bazi pokušavaju ukrasti ili neovlašteno promijeniti poslovne podatke – naftu novog doba.

That’s why our best and most experienced IT and data security experts are at your disposal. They will help you choose the most appropriate security solution for your company and business.

S&T is a leader in the Croatian information security market, with many years of experience and numerous successful projects in the financial and telecommunications industry, government, public sector, small and medium enterprises.

The areas we cover and which we can fit into the ordered solution are:
  • Network perimeter protection: firewall, IPS, anti-bot, antivirus, detecting a malicious code.
  • private cloud protection (Firewall, IPS systems).
  • public cloud (SaaS / IaaS services) protection
  • endpointprotection ( Windows).
  • mobile device protection (Android/iOS)
  • DDoS attacks protection.Inline and DDoS attack redirecting solutions
  • secure remote access (VPN)
  • intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS )
  • system software protection (program control: application control, anti spam, webfiltering)
  • network access control (NAC: Endpoint Security)
  • privacy (Disk Encryption, Device Control)
  • authentication solutions
  • mail traffic protection (Antispam Email Gateway) based on a common security-as-a-service platform
  • secure browsing
  • systems, users, and resources protection (malware detection, behavioral analysis, network attack detection, machine learning, remediation of malware damage, etc.)
  • DLP solutions – encryption, control and protection of data, monitoring, and protection data against leaks of sensitive business information.

Network solutions

Network of a modern information system resembles the human nervous system – it provides information and participates in all interactions. It’s dynamic and resilient. Network, in the age of the Internet of Things and cloud computing, are increasingly important. Today, the information network is the most valuable business and technical infrastructure. Therefore, it must be effective and safe.

S&T offers ready-made network solutions, services, and infrastructure – protected, high quality, and efficient.

Network services

  • network and security system planning
  • testing
  • implementation
  • automation
  • setting up technical and software equipment
  • maintenance and support

Network solutions

  • core networks
  • software-defined networks (SDN)
  • local, wireless, and broadband networks
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
Optimization and simulation services based on unique, in-house developed systems and tools:

S&T has developed a production traffic generation system with firewall configurations carefully tested in the laboratory. This system adds value to our customers – ISPs, banks, retail chains, etc. It has been used continuously and improved over the last ten years and is still improving.

S&T has developed a system for analyzing and optimizing ACL firewall policies(since 2016, with new improvements).


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