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Innovative solutions that improve the printing solution service

Managed professional printing, computing, enterprise and repair services

S&T Hrvatska d.o.o. is well known for its focused approach to users. After analyzing the client situation, our consultants suggest an optimal solution tailored to users’ needs and the specifics of the system environments. S&T’s innovative solutions, scalable hardware-software portfolio, comprehensive data analysis, and customizable service bring flexibility in implementations and measurable results during print environment optimization.

The countries in which we operate, the ICT industry we are in, our status as one of the leaders in Croatian system integration, and the range of technology portfolios we have, require continuous improvement and constant adaptation to the fast-growing markets. Most importantly: we are constantly training our staff and developing new processes, products, and services. Last but not least, we regularly monitor and analyze market needs and requirements.

For many years, we bring hardware and software solutions to our customers, in addition to what we consider most important: our service and our know-how. These long-lasting services on long-term contracts, we call Managed Professional Services– MPS.

Our solutions


Managed professional printing services

Business segment specializing in printing solutions.


Managed professional computing services

Business segment specializing in computer solutions.


Managed professional enterprise services

Business segment specializing in infrastructure solutions.


Managed professional repair services

Business segment specializing in service solutions and services.

prints on average our users print every minute.
devices on maintenance.
kg / CO<sup>2</sup> less per month.
warranted repairs, yearly.

Why choose S&T?

More than 25 years of experience and outstanding references in the following areas:

  • print solution service set up
  • print management system distribution – OptimiDoc
  • implementation, monitoring, and supervision of the printing fleet
  • workplace protection services
  • setting up systems for monitoring and improving computer environments
  • implementation of software solutions
  • design, implementation, and maintenance of IT infrastructure
  • relocation of data centers – data and equipment
  • evaluation and optimization of the existing IT infrastructure
  • Disaster-Recovery solution setting
  • data storage and backup system design
  • data archiving & server consolidation
  • server consolidation
  • virtualization, migration, and consolidation

S&T solutions are applied and implemented in the following industries

banking and other financial institutions

public administration and state administration





academic institutions

wholesale and retail

multinational companies


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