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Based on long-term experience and a wide range of solutions from the world’s largest suppliers we design and install optimal and independent data centers tailored to your needs. You may choose a traditional or software data center, private or hybrid cloud.

As long as most of the IT budget is spent on maintaining ongoing operations, there is little room to apply technologies and solutions that improve business. Non-strategic IT processes should be managed efficiently and with fewer resources because only in this way you can achieve the freedom to develop IT as a business driver.

S&T supports customers with its comprehensive data center services. Proven processes ensure that an organization’s needs are met flexibly and reliably – no matter where the system is located, in the customer’s data center, in the cloud, or the S&T data center.

Our solutions

Enterprise servers and server devices

Enterprise servers and server devices are the “workhorse” in any data center. General-purpose serversand the hyper-converged infrastructure of storage devices are the primary means of virtualization. Server devices are pre-engineered as systems for specific purposes, for example, SAP HANA, among others. Also, we have an extensive portfolio of equipment solutions from the most relevant x86and UNIX servers and IBM Power Systems.

Extensive range of uses

We offer servers various designs, for generic purposes and virtualization, as well as hyper-converged and dedicated systems for aggregating large workloads. (HP, IBM, DellEMC, Lenovo…). (HP, IBM, DellEMC, Lenovo…).

Extensive range of solutions

Once you have defined the solution to suit your business needs, you can choose from the most relevant vendors, types, and models of servers. (HP, IBM, DellEMC, Lenovo…).


Our systems can be adapted to your specific needs or you can choose to use a predefined solution.

Ready to operate solutions

We offer solutions for every step or a phase: from workload assessment, system sizing, configuration, and installation of new systems to support all these systems throughout their life cycle.

Storage systems

Storage systems are the core of every data center. S&T will help you choose the right technology solution to ensure the best price-performance ratio: Flash storage systems are becoming more affordable, while traditional hybrid storage systemsbased on classic disk drives still have their place in data centers due to their low cost.

As quantity data grows, protocols such as SAN for block storageand NAS file storage systems are increasingly being replaced by object storage systems. Storage systems can be virtualized to provide unified management or can be implemented as software-defined storage. Systems can be replicated between multiple data centers, regardless of their location.

Centralized storage

All data is in one place and can be duplicated.

Wide selection

The system is configured for each workload, with the requirements for connectivity, capability, and capacity.

Simple scalability

To increase performance, you can add storage or further upgrade your system by adding processing power.


Flash memory-based storage systems are now an affordable solution for any data center configuration.

Data protection and archiving

The value of data is growing day by day, so it is crucial to protect it well and recover it, if necessary. Whether you are the victim of a natural disaster, a hardware failure, a human error, a data breach, or a ransomware attack, your data is under constant threat.

During the data life cycle, it is necessary to implement relevant processes supported by various technological solutions. These solutions should have components that support these processes. These components can be dedicated, purpose-built security devices or virtual tape libraries, physical tape libraries, or traditional or object-based archiving systems.
Relevant software and risk mitigation mechanism (for protection against loss of data center and various criminal activities, e. g.) are built into our solutions which we produce using the technologies of the world’s leading manufacturers.

S&T makes cost-effective solutions for data protection, recovery of virtual machines, containers, databases, applications, files, and endpoints.

Regulatory compliance

All our solutions are compliant with relevant regulations (e. g. GDPR).

Public cloud integration

By copying the archive to the public cloud, system flexibility is achieved

Mitigation of operational risks

Protection against crypto viruses and other disasters is provided.


System archiving and protection can be easily adapted to increasing amounts of data.

Business continuity planning

Over time, business continuity becomes increasingly important. We’ve been focusing on that for decades. What, in this regard, can we do for you today? We can create a new business continuity plan for you, or optimize your existing plans. As we do so, you have our full support. We help you in every way in mitigating risks and testing the business continuity plan. Your success is the main goal!

Risk mitigation

We perform risk analysis and assess the business impact. Based on this, we prepare and implement appropriate measures.

Pragmatic approach

We make plans according to the maturity of your organization. In less mature environments, we start with basic plans. Then, we upgrade them during annual reviews.

Catalogue of services

An accurate and up-to-date catalogue of services is the basis for creating and executing a plan.

Investment optimization and benefits

A business continuity plan may require an additional financial injection. Therefore, we are preparing a multi-criteria decision tree to facilitate an optimal decision among several options.

Control, management, and automation of IT services

Today’s business relies on IT services, on its system, and those in the cloud.

That’s why it is crucial to monitor them, proactively manage(e.g. point of sale, warehouse app, etc.) and automate them, to speed up and optimize the business processes.

The system for monitoring and managing IT services detects interruptions and avoids new costs.

Automation of IT services eliminates repetitive activities (e.g., system restarts, adding infrastructure if the business requires it) which consume employee time and slow down business services. Monitoring, managing, and automation of IT services and system environments ensure business as a whole.

Our experts in the field, engineers with years of experience, are always ready to help you and ensure the success of the implementation.
S&T offers you cost-effective solutions for monitoring IT infrastructure, systems, and applications:
▪ servers ▪ databases ▪ Big Data platforms ▪ cloud systems ▪ networks ▪ storage systems ▪ etc.

Why choose S&T?

More than 25 years of experience and outstanding references in the following areas:

  • design, implementation, and maintenance of IT infrastructure
  • data migration with minimal unavailability
  • data centers migration – data and equipment
  • evaluation and optimization of the existing IT infrastructure
  • Business Continuitysolutions
  • Disaster Recovery solutions
  • consolidation of secure data storage systems
  • data archiving
  • server consolidation
  • automation and orchestration
  • virtualization


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