Social Responsibility

S&T operates in more than 30 countries and encounters various legal regulations and social habits in the implementation of socially responsible business. In order to reconcile differences, S&T has established a single system for the implementation of social responsibility, based on the principles of good corporate governance It consists of the “Code of Conduct” which is mandatory for all employees, the “Supplier Code of Conduct” and the “Guidelines for Socially Responsible Management”, which are tailored to the characteristics of each country.


Compliance plays a central role in the corporate culture of S&T Group. We appreciate our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and investors, and we are committed to upholding the integrity of our group of companies.

We have laid down both the legal requirements as well as our position on ethical issues in the S&T global code of conduct. Our code of conduct sets out the principles and guidelines that govern the way that S&T Group does business.

In addition, S&T addresses requirements and expectations directly to its suppliers and business partners in its supplier code. S&T expects its business partners to comply with the requirements laid down in the S&T supplier code of conduct, either by accepting the S&T code of conduct or by complying with a comparable – but by no means less consistent – set of compliance guidelines and values specified in their own code of conduct, and to ensure compliance by applying suitable measures.

Corporate social responsibility guidelines and key activitites:

The guidelines are designed to integrate S&T Group policies with country-specific features. Their implementation is the responsibility of managers for socially responsible activities at the local level, whose duty is to ensure the functioning of the branch in accordance with binding rules, while a number of guidelines and recommendations can be adapted to the specifics of the local environment.
Guidelines for corporate social responsibility at S&T Hrvatska cover the following areas: employees, customers, business environment, environmental care and the community. The goal in each area is to contribute to the development of society as well as individuals.


At S&T, we believe that people are the ones who play a key role in the whole process. We are aware that business success is based on the share of each individual. S&T carefully plans the development and education of its employees. As part of the S&T Group, we provide employees with professional advancement within the organization, offer jobs on projects with leading companies in Croatia, quality working conditions, the opportunity to participate in international projects, continuing professional development and training and rewarding according to results.
All employees are treated equally, regardless of their nationality, religion, ethnic origin, gender, age or sexual orientation.

Customer satisfaction

We’re not satisfied having a “good customer relationship”. At S&T, we consider cooperation with customers to be a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. Thinking and behavior are designed to achieve a common goal: finding the best solution for every challenge, no matter how difficult it is. That’s also one of the reasons why partnerships with our customers are so long-lasting.
The opinions of our users and their experiences are extremely important to us. We regularly measure the satisfaction of our customers with the annual customer satisfaction survey, on the basis of which measures for improvement are adopted, which are then implemented in almost all business processes.
At S&T Hrvatska, we are convinced that customers define the quality and goals that we must achieve. The quality of services is defined through the depth and range of knowledge of user problems on the one hand and available technologies and solutions on the other. Our goal is to adapt the offered solutions to the real user needs, while choosing the solution that will be the most economically justified. We round off the quality with support processes after each completed sales process.

Business environment

An integral part of business is the promotion and implementation of new IT solutions and services as a prerequisite for the development of the economy and society as a whole. One of the key features of leading companies is defining trends in the business environment in which they operate.
In certain aspects of its business, S&T Hrvatska is certainly the leading Croatian provider of IT solutions and services, which definesthe standards for the implementation and operation of IT solutions.

Caring for the environment

The S&T Group’s operations do not include the production of tangible goods. For this reason, the organization’s impact on the environment is very limited. Nevertheless, S&T attaches significant importance to the issue of energy efficiency by selecting the appropriate IT infrastructure for customers and its business, which improves the quality of life and productivity and enables more efficient use of natural resources.
Awareness of the need for environmental protection for the future of young generations in our organization is very high. We show this both through the daily actions and behavior of employees and through the organized separation and disposal of waste (electronic equipment, used toners and paper).

Corporate Social Responsibility

The S&T Group strives to support the sustainable development of markets and countries in which the company operates. In addition to other significant initiatives, the company has been directing part of its profits to donations and sponsorships for the wider community for years. Over the years, S&T has provided funding and equipment for projects that support the development and promotion of sports, education, music and charity.