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A few details from our history

For more than a quarter of a century S&T doing business in local and regional IT markets and has made a significant contribution to the digital transformation of Croatia.


Our beginnings dates back to the year 1991 when the company Hermes Plus was founded. The initial focus was on Hewlett-Packard products, technical support, and setting up various infrastructure solutions. Over time, Hermes has expanded its offering, the number of suppliers and users, and focused on IT services. In the first decade, S&T has become a brand known for its reliability, expertise, speed of response to customer needs, and the experience of its experts.

The 1990s ...

In the late 1990s, Hermes Plus joined S&T (System & Technology) and becomes a part of a large international group. S&T AG shares are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on the SDAX and TecDAX (index of leading European hi-tech companies). As one of the most well-known suppliers of IT solutions, S&T AG, with more than 4,900 employees in more than 30 countries, is among the leaders in the IT industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Who are we today?

S&T Croatia today is – thanks to its professional and market-oriented approach and the strength, knowledge, and proficiency of its experts – one of the leading providers of IT solutions and services in Croatia. S&T’s offers are comprehensive: business consulting, development and implementation of enterprise applications, training, and planning, development, maintenance, and service outsourcing.

We have more than 200 experts, continuously improved by additional education in leading academic institutions in Croatia and abroad.

They are our biggest asset and the crucial factor of our business strategy. They have proven themselves in numerous and the most demanding tasks – from building data centers, implementing information security solutions, designing network infrastructure and outsourcing services, consulting, financial management, or human resources, to inventing solutions for companies in manufacturing and logistics.

S&T is headquartered in Zagreb and has offices in Osijek, Rijeka, and Split, the three regional centers in Croatia.

Partnership with the client is the key to our success. Mutual trust, deep understanding of user needs, commitment to cooperation and collaboration, are the virtues that guide us.

What makes us great?

Our size, which provides greater stability.
Regional presence, which enables better accessibility and flexibility.
Many years of experience, wide portfolio of products and services.
Exceptional knowledge of user business processes and understanding the importance of technology in daily business.
Top technological, turnkey solutions.
responsibility · reliability · quick response · cooperation · expertise · communication

Strategic partnerships

Our partners are Cisco, DELL Technologies, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP… top software and hardware manufacturers. Their products and services are an integral part of our solutions, carefully tailored to the need and requirements our users.

We love what we do!

“We love IT” is not just motto, but a promise that S&T makes to its customers every day.

we love IT

Commitment to clients

To expect is not enough. Exceed expectation is the GOAL. We are not “just another supplier.” We invest in client success every day, we are their reliable advisor – always involved, always available, always innovative. We provide the best solutions, products, services, and support. We are a competitive advantage and the “secret ingredient” of client growth.

Quality without compromise – Four ISO certificates

S&T Croatia continuously invests in the quality of its services and products. We have four ISO certificates – by that, S&T’s are unique in the IT services market in Croatia.


Identity Card

Company name long: S&T Hrvatska d.o.o. za informacijska rješenja i usluge
Company name short: S&T Hrvatska d.o.o.
Registered office: Borongajska cesta 81a, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
Business units: Osijek, Rijeka, Split

VAT NO: HR55648908488
Legal form: A limited liability company
Registration: Commercial Court Zagrebu, 04. Nov 1991.
Director: Božidar Vidić


Director: Božidar Vidić
Procurators: Damir Pavušin, Ivica Božić