Reverse Firewalls

The last Bastion in the fight against malware!

- Recognition of still unknwon Malware
- immediate deactivation of Command-and-Control-Software
- available as Hardware-Appliance or virtuell Appliance
Conventional firewalls often succumb to attacks by malware. This is because the walls employ signature-based recognition systems. Reverse firewalls, on the other hand, provide reliable protection against such forms of command-and-control software as viruses, worms and trojans. This does not depend on whether or not the devices use or Microsoft or Android operating systems, or are desktops, notebooks, tablets, servers or smart phones. This even applies to the employment in a network of unsecured devices (in “bring your own devices” scenarios).

Through a working relationship with an American software producer, S&T offers a proprietarily-developed reverse firewall solution. It is implemented as either a hardware or as virtual appliance in a network. It is capable of either operating either inline or passively. The product recognizes network anomalies, and reliably precludes hookup attempts by malware. The product then notifies the administrator of such.