09.3.2017 | Croatia

Do you really know your attack surface?

Skybox Security Platform Demo webinar, March 10th 2017.

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Analyst Reports indicates that 97% from the last years’ Network breaches could be avoided by using standard Security Controls. They also mentioned that most of these effected organizations had a very low visibility of their attack surface or the existing controls that should mitigate the risk of being hacked.

We would like to introduce you to Skybox Security, we provide a powerful security management platform that gives security teams the intelligence needed to eliminate attack vectors, respond to threats, and improve security processes.
Founded in 2002, Skybox offers mature solutions used for enterprise-scale vulnerability and threat management, firewall analysis, change management, and continuous monitoring of network compliance.

Skybox solutions enable security teams and IT operations to:
  • Visualize and pinpoint potential exposures that need immediate attention, such as exposed vulnerabilities and exploitable attack paths
  • Assess firewall and network configuration and compliance status in a fraction of the time of manual audits, reducing IT maintenance time and costs
  • Proactively address security and compliance gaps within their network infrastructures

To deliver these benefits, S&T and Skybox offer a complete portfolio of security policy and vulnerability management solutions that help network security managers quickly identify and mitigate exposures in large network infrastructures.