15.01.2014 | Croatia

S&T implements Cloud Service Automation

S&T Hrvatska, with proven expertise in design, implementation and maintenance of cloud computing environments and solutions, was entrusted with the development and implementation of the new and modernized private cloud system.

Using the advantage of HP Cloud Centre of Excellence, designed to show how a company's cloud solutions will work, test and deploy a cloud in its own organizational environment, S&T established computing requirements, evaluated requested solutions trough proof of concept and product demonstration for Client.

S&T prepared project plan with structural job analysis. Next step was implementation of the management and supervision of infrastructure at the level of hardware and operating system and integration with existing virtualization environments. System for managing a central repository of resources was implemented as well system for design services. As requested by customer selfservice portal with services (four IaaS / SaaS services) was implemented and required templates created. To meet customer requirements and high standards S&T provided training of staff to work with the new enhanced environment.

Benefit to the customer

  • Simplified IT architecture with centralized management
  • IT staff spent less time on routine implementation leaving them free for value added business tasks
  • Deployment times for new virtual servers and/or services that could take up to three days now take 40 minutes, increasing customer agility
  • Processes are automated so tasks can be orchestrated
  • More flexibility, better access to data
  • Cost effective, versatile IT resources to support new customer services & improve internal processes