IBM Storwize V5000 benefits

Design flexibility to inspire business innovation

IBM Storwize V5000 benefits

  • Higher flexibility:

    Is easily customizable with flexible software options and three new models.
  • Ease of use:

    Simplifies management with industry-leading graphical user interface.
  • IBM Easy Tier®:

    Includes advanced technology for automatically migrating data between storage tiers based on real-time usage analysis patterns..
  • IBM Real-time Compression:

    Reduces storage acquisition costs by using up to 80% less disk and flash capacity.
  • External virtualization:

    Consolidates and provides IBM Storwize V5000 capabilities to existing storage infrastructures.
  • Replication over IP:

    Improves network utilization for remote mirroring with innovative Technology.
  • IBM HyperSwap:

    Allows high-availability configurations for resilient virtualized environments.
  • Clustered Systems:

    Provides the ability for block systems to scale both up and out for performance and capacity.
  • Integral part of VersaStack:

    Includes an integrated infrastructure solution jointly developed by IBM and Cisco to provide faster application and workload delivery, while maintaining efficiency and controlling costs.