Info- & Edutainment

- Development of Terminals/Simulators
- cloud-based Integration
- In-house Hard- & Software solution
Innovative infotainment and edutainment: S&T|TECH has developed technologies providing users with attractive, target group-optimized ways of disseminating information and knowledge. “”Gamification” is the term describing the encompassing of entertainment features, games, contents, rankings and the other items making such solutions highly effective learning tools.

S&T|TECH has undertaken a large number of reference projects. These include the creation of professional training systems used by companies, of information terminals, and of online quizzes employed by pupils and other kids. This length of operation enables S&T|TECH to provide solutions fitting the needs of each target group. The first steps in such relationships are the conducting of precise analyses and, if so required, rapid undertaking of adjustments in the stock of hardware and software – and the creation of new items. The end-result is the delivery of immediately-usable solutions.