E- und M-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce and M-commerce for professionals!

- standardised E-Commerce solution
- Windows-Azure support
- Interfaces to SAP/Infor
S&T AG's “S&T Shop Enterprise” and “S&T Shop Professional” are E-commerce solutions whose high levels of performance manifest the company's nearly 20 years of successful operation in the field. Available are two versions. They enable the administration of up to 5,000 and 1 million items respectively. The system can be superimposed upon the Windows Azure platform. It is therefore eminently suitable for use in cloud computing environments.

S&T Shop's modular structure enables it to strongly support distribution processes. The Shop offers a wide range of useful capabilities. They include the conducting of rebates or coupon-based campaigns, the setting up of an authorization structure for users, and the establishment of customer-dependent price calculations.

The system also supports the integration into such goods management systems as SAP or Infor.