Digital Video Surveillance

Ditigal Surveillance with process automation

- digital Surviellance
- automation solutions
- Conception of monitoring systems
S&T AG has a working relationship in the area of digital video surveillance with G4S, the internationally-renowned provider of security services.

G4S's role is to supply its expertise in the planning of surveillance facilities and in the formulation and delineation of the corresponding security-assurance processes and guidelines. S&T AG's role is to handle the technical implementation of the resultant projects. This is accomplished without entering into ties to manufacturers.

The range of services supplied by S&T is modularly-structured. These services comprise the procurement, delivery and installation of hardware, its linkage and networking – and, while doing so, the adherence to the security requirements established by the client, plus the furnishing of support of on-site facility operations monitoring and other capabilities.

The utilization of digital surveillance solutions benefits operators in a wide variety of ways, including

  • lower procurement and operating costs. These ensue through the use of non-proprietary hardware.
  • especially great ease of expansion and the simple and cost-effective linkage into analog legacy solutions
  • a vast number of automation options, with these including
  • the automatic recognition of license plates
  • the counting of visitors
  • the compilation of analyses of visitor flows and of profiles of movements
  • capturing of barcodes
  • recognition of objects left behind
  • the automatized notification of security services and the dispatching of a G4S unit
  • transaction-dependent recording of checkout and other procedures