Platform-independent Advertainment-Applications

- Advertising games
- Social-Media-Apps  
Advertising is effective – provided that it creatively captures the spirit of the times. This need to keep up with trends has been increasing the importance of online and social media-based forms of advertising. These include ad and promotional games. Each of this delivers the added value of conveying advertising messages to users in an indirect and thus effective way. These games are just one form of entertaining advertising, which takes the form of proficiency games, riddles, quizzes and tests of memory.

S&T|TECH has been one of the companies pioneering the development of such advertainment solutions. Its range in this area is comprised of more than 200 attractive games. These are both new products and adaptations of extant ones, and can be employed online and offline. The games' content can be individually configured. The games themselves can be affixed with a proprietary design or branding. The games are capable of being run on a wide variety of platforms (websites, social networks, smart phones, tables, self-service terminals).

Branded Quiz-Spiel for voestalpine